Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Turbo Sonerai Nomination

Mojave Experimental Fly-in
Award Nomination

Title: Sonerai Cowl Rework and Turbo Installation
Experimenter: Jeff Lange
Category: Build
Aircraft: N1463J
Date: May-Oct 2013
Author: Elliot Seguin

Description:  In the never ending quest for more speed, long time cross country racer Jeff Lange decided to redo the front of his cowling and install a turbo charger.  This required composite fab, exhaust fab, and significant systems work.  The result is the first turbo charged Sonerai.  The airplane has not yet flown with the turbo, but has almost two hours of running on the ground.  This testing has revealed almost a thousand rpm static improvement.  Covered on his blog (link).

Argument:  This mod requires significant multi-disciplinary work over many months, resulting in a first for the Sonerai type (turbo charging).


Friday, October 18, 2013

Strega Canopy Nomination

Photo: Andy Chiavetta

Mojave Experimental Fly-in
Award Nomination

Title: Strega Canopy Repair
Experimenter: David “LD” Hughes and Andy Chiavetta
Category: Build
Aircraft: N71FT P-51D Strega
Date: Sept 11-13 2013
Author: Elliot Seguin

Description: During qualifying for the 2013 National Championship Air Races, Matt Jackson and Strega suffered an inflight structural failure of the canopy.  The canopy shattered and departed the aircraft during flight.  In order to remain in contention for the trophy a new canopy had to be installed before Friday’s heat race.  This required sourcing a new canopy, trimming and fitting that new canopy and installing it in the existing canopy frame on a significantly abbreviated schedule away from their home shops.

Argument:  Installation of a new canopy is not a trivial task in the best of circumstances.  Doing it at Reno on such a schedule and the airplane being able to continue racing is a significant accomplishment.  If the team would have decided to throw in the towel after the canopy came off, no one would have second guessed it. They chose the harder path and were successful.

Photo: Curtis Noble
Photo: Paulo Iscold

2014 Event

Mojave Experimental Fly-in
April 19-20, 2014

Fly-in 10-2pm Saturday 19th
Dinner 6pm Saturday 19th
Fly-out 7-10am Sunday 20th

A gathering of the leading Experimenters currently involved in GA.  The event opens Saturday with a mid-day fly-in from 10 to 2.  After the heat of the day has passed there will be a dinner starting at 6 with awards and a speaker.  Then early morning on Sunday we gather at the airport for the departure of the show aircraft.

There will be four awards for best mods in the preceding 12 months.  The awards will be best design, best build, best test, and the most prestigious best experimenter.  Must be present to win, precedence will be given to aircraft present at the fly-in.

Best Design 2014:
This award is for the best technical mod of the year, corresponding to the technical (aerodynamic, mechanical, structural) nature of the mod.

Best Build 2014:
This award is for the best craftsmanship mod of the year, corresponding to the build quality (aesthetics, schedule, build difficulty) of the mod.

Best Test 2014:
This award is for the best test series related to a mod of the year, corresponding to the testing (documentation, scope, difficulty) done associated with a mod.

Best Experimenter 2014:
This award is for the best overall mod of the year.  Best combination of design, build, and test.

In order to be eligible for an award a candidate must be nominated.  Anyone can nominate a mod (submit to, nomination requirements listed below.  Nominations will be posted (minus contact info) on the fly-in website.  Multiple nominations for the same mod by different authors are encouraged.

The awards will be judged during the Saturday fly-in.  Four judges will make the final decision for the four awards.

The nomination must include:
Title for the mod:
Who did the mod:
Suggested category of mod:
What airplane the mod was done to:
Date the mod was completed:
Author of nomination:
Contact number/email for the experimenter:
Description of the mod (pictures encouraged):
Why this mod should be considered: