Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update for Record Setters

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There are now 9 aircraft interested in setting records at the event!  This is awesome!

In response to some of the questions from the weekend, I talked to the NAA this morning. See below.

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It is confirmed that the costs of getting the NAA representative onsite, getting certified scales, and renting the GNSS equipment can be shared between the contestants.  It appears that with the volume of record setting attempts there will likely be two observers onsite.  The cost in fees for the first record appears to be in the $2-3,000 range without any cost sharing (link).  The GNSS fee is for a five day rental of the device.

Exclusive Vs Non Exclusive record sanctions:
I have not asked anyone to talk specifics yet about what records they want to set.  There are a couple airplanes that may end up going for the same records.  One concern is the standard practice that when an attempt has been sanctioned there can be no other sanctions for that particular record at that same time.  While it is possible for the contestant to specify that their sanction would be non-exclusive, some communication would be necessary to take that step.  My gut is to say first come first served to encourage getting the sanctioning paperwork in early to help with planning, but maybe I am in the weeds on that.  It has been suggested that, if possible, it is fun to have the slower plane set the record and hold it for a day before the faster airplane sets it, I will leave that up to you guys.  I do think there is value to getting a list of the records that will be attempted to give to the press.

Record attempts per day:
The NAA has suggested that we limit ourselves to 3 attempts per day.  I think with the heavy air traffic that is likely to be at MHV on Saturday the 19th it will be tough to get 3 in on that day.  This is also a very windy time of the year in Mojave, so that will likely tie up a couple days for attempts.  This likely means that there will be record setting during the previous week (April 14-18), and, perhaps, even the previous weekend (April 12&13).

Waivered Airspace:

Mojave (KMHV) is a class D airport during the week.  There was a question about whether or not waivered airspace would be required.  It appears that outside of 3km record attempts waivered airspace is not common, this is due to the very low altitude of the 3km record course.

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