Friday, March 7, 2014

Catbird Long Range Mods Nomination

Mojave Experimental Fly-in
Award Nomination

Title: Catbird Long Range Mods Nomination
Category: Design/Build/Test
Aircraft: Catbird N187RR
Date: 10-2013 - Present 
Author: Elliot Seguin

Experimenter: Zach Reeder, Jim Reed

Argument:  Zach and Jim took possession of the Catbird in 2011.  They have spent the last couple years modifying and tweaking the airplane specifically for long range flight.  In the last couple months they have turned up the heat as they constructed the last pieces of the puzzle; the auxiliary fuel tanks, and the nose gear clam shell doors.  These tanks will allow them to take more records with the airplane and further demonstrate it's performance, they also require skills across many disciplines.  Jim and Zach plan to have the mods flying in time to set the 5000km closed course speed record at the event in April.

The fuel tanks occupy four of the five seats in the Catbird.

The Clam Shell doors cover the nosewheel which has until this point hung in the breeze.

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