Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lancair Legacy 780 Conversion and other products (2nd Nomination)

Title: Lancair Legacy 780 Conversion and other products
Experimenter:  Mike Patey
Category: Design/ Best Build/Best Test/Best Experimenter
Aircraft: N36XX and N350G (SX300 Swearingen)
Author: Michael J Smith  RACE 35

I would like to nominate Mike Patey for the above awards because of the outstanding work he has accomplished in the past year.  He has designed, built, flown & tested the following modifications, new equipment and hardware.

1) Conversion from Continental 550 dual turbo charged to Lycoming 780 w/ Ram Air and then Super Charged.
2) Design and built Head Lockers for the 720/780 and 540/580 Lycoming Engines
3) Lengthen landing gear to except larger diameter specially designed Whirlwind Propeller.
4) Designed new 4 into 1 exhaust system for 780 engine
5 Designed low profile high flow induction system
6) Designed 2 different size Super Chargers for 580 / 780 engines
7) Designed and tested new winglets for Lancair Legacy.
8) Complete new Cowl and intake system for 780 engine.
9) Glycol injection system to work along with the Super Charger.

This is not taking into consideration all of the hardware modifications that were needed on the Lancair Legacy and SX300 Swearingen to make all of these different mods work and operate as per Mike's specifications called for.
The work that he has done is remarkable in the time he has had to design and build all of these components.
My hat is off to Mike Patey and his extremely talented staff of designers and machinist.
I am forwarding some pictures of Mike's designs and products and hope they can be added to this article .


Michael J Smith  RACE 35



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