Monday, March 10, 2014

Paul Dye To Speak At Awards Dinner

Paul Dye
Hey Guys,

We have confirmation that Paul Dye will be our speaker for the awards dinner Saturday April 19th starting at 6:00pm in the Stu Witt Event Center (link).

Paul Dye was the longest-serving Flight Director in NASA's human spaceflight program, supporting shuttle operations as a flight controller for the first 12 years of the program before being selected as Flight Director in 1993. Paul then directed 39 missions as a Flight Director, 9 of them as Lead Flight Director. In addition, he also served as an ISS Flight Director for many years, retiring in January of 2013.  In 2011 Paul finished the RV-3 that he still owns and flys.  He is a commercial pilot with over 4,500 hours logged.  Paul also recently took over as Editor in Chief of Kitplanes magazine (link).

Paul plans to speak on the lessons learned from the many years of flight test and operations of the shuttle and how they can be applied to experimental aviation.  Simple things like carefully defining requirements, building in margin, managing risk - these are common topics whether you are flying at 200 knots or 17,000 knots.

Going to be a great talk,

Elliot Seguin

Paul in his RV-3 (link)

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