Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Klaus Savier plans to attend

Hey Guys,

I received confirmation that Klaus Savier plans to bring both his EZs (Paur's Wired Article) to Mojave in April, and even better he plans to attempt records with both.

This would be the first show I know of where both "The Determinator" (Wainfan's Experimenter Article) and "The Delaminator"  were on display together.  And the thought of Klaus running back and forth between the airplanes setting records...well, I think you'll just have to be there!!

So freaking awesome!!

Airplanes are cool,

Photo by: Mikael Forslund

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mike Patey to attend

Patey's Lancair Legacy at MEFI 2014, Photo Bob Morgan

Hey Guys,

I got word that last year's Experimenter of the year (link) Mike Patey is planning to return to the 2015 Mojave Experimental Flyin.  Mike also set two records last year the C-1c 1000 km (link), and 2,000 km (link), both records just shy of 320 mph.

The details are still coming in but the rumors are awesome, stay tuned!


Patey bodyworking for paint in the build up to MEFI 2014

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blue Thunder plans to attend

Photo by Bob Morgan at Mojave 2014
Hey Guys,

John Parker plans to attend in Blue Thunder.

Blue Thunder II is a Sport Class air racer that holds the C-1C 3 km15/25 km, and 100 km closed course speed records at 374, 376 and 364 MPH.  The airplane is a highly modified Thunder Mustang.  Last year at Reno John qualified in the Sport Class Gold at 383 mph.  We are excited to see what work has been done to the airplane since Reno.

See you there,


Photo by Blue Thunder Air Racing