Monday, February 16, 2015

Anequim Nomination

Title: Anequim Modification
Experimenters:  Paulo Iscold, Gunar Halboth
Category: Design/Build/Test
Aircraft: PR-ZQI
Author: Elliot Seguin

Argument:  Paulo and Gunar picked a simple mission, the C-1a 3km record.  The team had already taken the c-1a/o record with the 308 and this seemed the next logical step.  The program first emerged in a haze of rumors and speculation.  What was unusual was that it's shape was so different that when the pictures came out the rumors spread faster not slower.  Then in the Fall of 2014 we heard they were close to flying.  When the pictures came out of the airplane in the air the internet went crazy again.  All the while Paulo maintains a open book policy with his programs sharing technical details with anyone who asks and by doing so inspiring us all to go build something (Facebook page link).  We can't wait to see what happens when they go for the record!!

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