Friday, February 20, 2015

Guinea Pig Nomination

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Title: Flite Test Guinea Pig
Experimenter:  Peter Sripol
Category: Design/Build/Test
Aircraft: Guinea Pig
Author: Elliot Seguin

Argument:  Peter Sripol, AKA Foam and Tape, may build RC but he is an experimenter through and through.  I met Peter at 2013 E-Fest event in Champaign Illinois.  The event was fantastic and more than I expected.  There were the company representatives from Horizon and Hobbico aggressively demonstrating their companies new products in one corner, there were the 3d Aerobatic types in another corner, in the third corner were the stick and tissue scale model guys...and then there was Peter.  He and his partner in crime Sam Foskul as well as Peter's younger brother Steven had brought this huge pile of mostly crashed RC airplanes.  They spent the weekend building airplanes and crashing them and building them over on this epic scale right in front of the grandstands.  The crowd at once loved it and didnt really know what to do with it, and it was awesome.  A favorite moment was when one of the stick and tissue guys got his model stuck in the rafters and Peter and Sam went up after it with FPV quad-copters, for a moment all the cliques got what Peter was doing, and utility from an RC holy smokes!

Anyway in the last year or so Peter has been picked up by the website Flite Test.  Flite Test is an awesome website by a couple of guys that have figured out how to make a business out of their hobby experimenting with RC.  In recent years the show has gotten lots of popularity and has become a portal for new modelers to the sport.  Peter's creativity and passion for the hobby has breathed new life into the show.  The best example is the Guinea Pig, named such because it is a platform to try stuff.  Say you want to drop a smaller airplane, or try jato bottles, or or or, this is the airplane for the job.  Jenn and I are super pumped that Peter has found an organization that appreciates his talents and look forward to see what kind of things his work inspires in this next generation of experimenters.

Left to right: Sam Foskul, Peter Sripol, Steven Sripol, Elliot Seguin
At E-Fest 2013 in Champaign Illinois, Photo: Jenn Whaley
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  1. Nice job on your video guys! I commended you on your support of building as part of the fun of flying. Keep up the good work.