Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kevin Eldredge Update

Hey Guys,

I just got this update from Kevin Eldredge on his recent work on STOL aircraft up in Alaska.

What a cool project!!

Airplanes are cool,

From Kevin:

(Photos below) This is the first customer for the R409. This airframe is the baddest Cub I have ever seen. Josh Pepperd (Paur's wired article) has already landed shorter than any cub with this SQ12 in Valdez  with the Superior 400. He broke the 400 crank a few months ago and had just put another one on when he heard my tech.  This is the first of 6 such owners between Alaska and Wyoming that are lined up to get the same sweet engine. The 400 is an angle valve engine that produced around 215hp at 2700 rpm. The R409 dropped about 24 lbs and made over 230hp and 470lbs of torque!!! This should be a very significant improvement on a STOL airframe that weighs in at 1165lbs.......

(Photos below) This will go on another very special CUB in Maine. This plane will be at many competitions this year for landing and take-off.  I didn't mention that all these will be ready for NOS!!!

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