Tuesday, February 24, 2015

LT-1: UL Edition Nomination

Title: LT-1: UL Edition 
Experimenter:  Andy Chiavetta
Category: Design/Build/Test
Aircraft: LT-1 SN:002
Author: Elliot Seguin

Argument:  The LT-1 was designed and built by the force of energy that is Andy Chiavetta of Aerochia.  The airplane is a small, clean, single seat carbon fiber aircraft, that really stands out in the market place.  The combination of very small and very aerodynamically clean is not a bustling corner of the market.  Andy adds to the strengths of the airplane by leveraging his long history of building with composites to make the airplane particularly easy to build.  The airplane was debuted with a first flight video that was posted in 2010 (link).  I flew the airplane a few months ago (link) and I found what both other pilots to ever fly the airplane found; it is responsive and well behaved, requires very little power to fly, and the weakest link is the engine.  Andy has threatened to fix this for a while, but he is a busy guy so the idea has had to sit on the back shelf.  Over the last month or so that has changed.  Andy has started posting images of the second airframe, and even better of a new engine on that airframe.  We are all excited to see if the UL is the powerplant that can help get the design to market, so we can all enjoy seeing them darkening the skies.



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