Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mike Patey PT6 Legacy Nomination

Title: Lancair Legacy PT6 conversion
Experimenter:  Mike Patey
Category: Design/Build/Test
Aircraft: N707MM
Author: Elliot Seguin

Argument:  Mike Patey took the top experimenter award last year for his work installing a 780 in his highly modified Legacy.  A believer in the age old adage "more power is better" Mike has bitten off a mouthful, this year he plans to fly his new highly modified PT6 powered Legacy to Mojave in April.  Below is a summary of the mods he's done to the airplane to make the PT6 work in such a tight package.

1.  New tail section and rudder of plane is now 31% larger 
2.  7" by 48" speed strake completed on bottom of plane 
3.   Top fin on top of aircraft completed and tested during high speed dive testing. Top fin has almost same drag as one antenna but houses the fallowing. 
           A. Com antenna out tail of fin 
           B.  ELT in forward strake of fin 
           C.  GPS center of fin 
           D.   High definition rear facing camera out back center of fin completed. Used for: high speed test visualization of tail, seeing who is behind on run up, Putting the prop in reverse and safely backing up using the camera. 
5. New fuel tank fill positions and jet A sized caps installed.
6. Speed brakes removed and fuel bays in place adding 4 gallons
7. Wing tips removed and GPS and NAV antennas removed as well as relocation wire tube to allow 18" more fuel in wing per side now completed and wet. 
8. New low profile Wingtips molds now complete for 6" wing extension tips and new light mounts
9. Firewall and engine mounts reinforced for higher g-loading 
10. D sections of wings opened and prepped for one peace solid wing upgrade and an additional fuel bay.
          A. New total wing fuel from 62 gallons to 100 gallons. 
          B. New rear peace mold  complete to make rear spar solid one peace.
          C. Forward wing bolt parts being made to prevent need to access into new D wet section of wing
11. Wing and horizontal blended fairing now installed
12. Widening of fuselage behind seats completed
13. Complete carbon reinforced multi layer wrap complete on entire airframe, including horizontal and vertical. 
14. Entire front 3 feet of aircraft has been opened and enlarged at firewall 3 full inches taller to fit new engine and cowling. Bottom of aircraft is now rounded not flat. 


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