Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mike Patey Turbine Legacy Update

Hey Guys

Check out this update from last years Experimenter of the year Mike Patey, and check out that engine mount!!

Elliot Seguin

We are calling the airplane Turbulence, (Turbine-Lancair)
  • Firewall modifications not only larger diameter and height but the new 6" deep starter/generator area is now done. 
  • We also modified the rudder pedals for the insert to fit.. Turned out great inside and out.
  • The wings also are now complete with 5 extra carbon bids down to 3 bids at the tips for the new stronger wings.
  • New fuel tanks are complete sealed and plumbed. Filler necks and transfer systems are also complete. 
  • New fuel probes are set and modified for the new tank system. 
  • One of my favorite mods. A spill proof environmental friendly fuel venting and transfer system.  They are no longer venting at the tip but now on the belly after passing through a fuel overflow expansion tank.  
  • There is a plumbing system that now uses a unique shape and expansion area for the fuel when it gets hot on the ramp.. No longer will you be parked on a sloped ramp and begin dripping fuel out of the low wing.  
  • I have added a way for when I top off all the 3 tanks on a cold night . When the sun comes out and expands the fuel, it now vents into the expansion area not on the ramp. I have also developed a new lighting system with ZERO drag. 
  • No longer will I have cracked light lenses from someone over tightening the screws, nor drag tape holding the lenses on. 
  • I will send pictures of that development and the Wingtips as I get near completion soon.

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