Wednesday, February 25, 2015

P85 V8 Conversion Nomination

Title for the mod: P85 V8 Aircraft
Who did the mod: Jeff Ackland
Suggested category of mod: Design, Build, Test
What airplane the mod was done to: P85 N273MP
Date the mod was completed: First Flight 12/17/2014. Phase I testing now complete. 18 month build period.
Author of nomination: Jeff Ackland
Description of the mod: The P85 is the result of installing a liquid cooled V8 power plant on a Radial Rocket airframe.
Why this mod should be considered: The primary goal of the P85 design/build effort has been to demonstrate a powerful, high performance, simple and extremely economical (in terms of acquisition and operating economy) power-plant option for the proven Radial Rocket airframe. The result is distinctive enough to merit a new name: P85. Power is delivered by a 400 cid / 400 hp GM LS V8 engine. Initial performance numbers point to a top speed at 7500 ft of 280-290 mph. Simplicity is achieved  via use of fixed landing gear, fixed pitch prop and electronic fuel injection resulting in single power lever engine operation. Economy of acquisition and operation is derived from the selection and use of high quality, mass produce LS engine architecture along with a readily available and low cost re-drive/Catto fixed pitch prop combination. Firewall forward cost (engine, ECU, ignition, cooling system, exhaust, re-drive, and prop = approximately $20-23K. Further economy is conferred by this engine set-up, designed to operate on 91 octane pump gas. 

P85 videos:

Photo attached (let me know if you need more, or you can grab them from our website?)


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  1. Bra information! Du har delat om P85 v8 flygplan med dess specifika bilder och dess beskrivningar, det är en fantastisk uppfinning. För bok Flyg och hotell för resan, besöka på Travoyaz.