Thursday, February 5, 2015

Custom Carbon Cassutt Wing

Photo: Eric Stewart via Kitplanes

Title: Custom Carbon Cassutt Wing
Experimenters:  Paulo Iscold, Craig Catto, Jim Jordan, Eric Stewart
Category: Design/Build
Aircraft: N54ML
Author: Elliot Seguin

Argument:  The thing that gets me excited about this mod is the diverse skill sets that were called to task.  Paulo Iscold has made himself a household name as a designer of many badass aircraft, but he is based in Brazil and is BUSY.  Craig Catto built his first Cassutt wing some 15 years ago but he is super busy now kicking ass building propellers.  Jim Jordan is an International Formula One race pilot with an eye on the prize, and he beat the bushes trying to find the right person to help him get the right wing for his Cassutt.   The fact is there just aren't that many people you can go to and just get a wing.  So the combination of Paulo and Catto made for enough man hours to get the thing designed and built.  The final piece, Eric Stewart is studying up to design and build his own record setter, but he makes his money as a writer for Kitplanes.  This made him uniquely motivated to document this whole process.  The result is a fine looking wing, real tooling to put the wing in production should the market need it, and finally a Kitplanes article that is well researched and organized to teach the budding builder enough to take a swing at it themselves.  This is the kind of effort that can rejuvenate the sport of air racing, say nothing for what it can do for the next generation of airplane designers, builders, and testers.

We look forward to hearing how it flies, and even better seeing it on the course at Reno!!

Read this article, go build something!!
Kitplanes Article

Paulo Iscold and Craig Catto in Catto's shop Photo: Paulo Iscold

Photo: Eric Stewart via Kitplanes

Photo: Eric Stewart via Kitplanes

Photo: Eric Stewart via Kitplanes
Wing tooling in Catto's shop Photo: Paulo Iscold

Wing parts in Catto's shop Photo: Paulo Iscold

Craig and Paulo laying up spars in Catto's shop Photo: Paulo Iscold

Wing skin in Catto's shop Photo: Paulo Iscold

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