Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ACE teams with Grove Aero!!

Hey Guys,

Kevin Eldredge and Karl Grove have joined forces and are working on a 540, could this be the future of the Sport Class?

Kevin Eldredge (Relentless) and ACE Performance won the 2014 Mojave Experimental Flyin award for best build.  He went on to race that hardware at Reno in 2014.  Kevin also made some very aggressive modifications to his NXT in 2014 that unfortunately didn't make it to the race but we are all eager to see what happens when you bolts six of Kevin's cylinders to a slick airframe and pour on the race gas.

Karl Grove (Grove Aero) brought his Biplane racer Dragracer to the Mojave Flyin in 2014.  He races in the biplane class and is working on an exotic all new Biplane racer called the Boomerang (link).  Most relevant to this project is Karl's recent purchase of a Lancair Legacy airframe.  Could this be the future of the Sport Class?

I am excited to hear more from Kevin and Karl in a couple weeks in Mojave.

Airplanes are cool,

Karl and his 540 in Kevin's shop

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