Monday, March 16, 2015

Flour Bombing, Poker Run, and an RC/Freeflight Fun Fly

Hey Guys,

I am super pumped to announce this years addition to the Mojave Flyin.

Joseph Arias is responsible for these awesome additions to the flyin!  He is awesome and you should give him a hug the next time you see him.  Also a big thank you to Mason Hutchison, Rob Heap, Eric Brubaker.

Bug Smasher Poker Run/Flour Bomb
Starting midday on Friday the 17th there will be a cross country race culminating with FAA waivered flour bombing here in Mojave.  The run will take a couple hours in your friendly Cessna 150 and is sponsored by Recover Your Cub (link), Tehachapi's aircraft rental hotspot.

Aviation Slumber Party at the Stu Witt Center
After the Poker run there will be a pizza/movie night in the Stu Witt Center in Mojave.  Complete with aviation themed movies (open to suggestions) and RC/Freeflight fun fly in the hottest sport for indoor flying in Mojave. This event is sponsored by The Tehachapi Crosswinds, Brubaker Models and will include indoor free-flight build and competition, and indoor RC flying.   The event center is a large Quonset-style building with a smooth floor for rise-off-ground or hand launch model. The air handling system will be off so the air will be calm. Small, electric models as well as free-flight models are encouraged to attend. If you’re interested, table-building of rubber-powered models will be happening with a duration competition later. Tehachapi Crosswinds is an RC club that encourages model aircraft of all kinds to be flown at our field in Tehachapi, CA and nearby indoor facilities.   


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