Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mike Patey Update

Hey guys,

I got this update last night from Mike Patey on the turbine powered Lancair Legacy he is working so hard to get to the Flyin to set some records.

Check it out!!


Engine is back on to stay. Now to build a one off cowling... None out there so we start like this, blue tape, three cases of foam and roles of carbon. My prop is a week away so I couldn't wait and made my own prop spinner place holder to build my cowling against. I'm using an MT five blade to capture these little ponies. MT was kind enough to send me the actual CAD file pic specs of the prop and spinner so I could keep this on fast track with this Alluminum disk I made. I ran out of bandaids long ago so we now make cowlings, engine mounts, and daily first aid repairs with tape and super glue. Working well so far and saves a trip away from the hanger for silly stitches :)

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