Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mike Patey Update

Hey Guys,

Below is the most recent update from Mike Patey.  It looks like there is a lot of work left to do, really looking forward to seeing the plan come together!!

It's going to be awesome!!!


From Mike...
We are still pushing forward full tilt. A few cuts and bruises to remind us we are having fun. I lost half my hair the other day when I needed to cut it all off. I was upside down in the rear aux fuel tank when I slipped and went in head first and buried my head in wet tank coatings. I probably could have got it out with something but I left it in for a while as I finished the next several hours of pressing items. So when I was done it was hopelessly dry. I nearly buzzed all the back my head to get it out. I am checking off a handful of items per day. We are all the way down to 187 items left on my list to complete.. Getting closer every day. Some items left to finish are very simple fast projects like line item 165 is install complete pitot static system and angle off attack. Others, much more time consuming, like line item 130 is design and build molds for carbon fiber bifurcated ducting with inertial particle separator plenum for PT6.. There is not one part I can buy for this. We have the music blasting, giant smiles, and a fridge full of junk food and diet cokes.... Let's get to work !

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