Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nitrous STOL "Makin Metal" Nomination

Title: Nitrous STOL Modifications
Experimenter: Scott Severson
Category: Design/Build/Test
Aircraft: Flatlander STOL “Makin Metal”
Author: Jeff Lange

 Argument: Scott began his STOL project with basic airframe that was essentially a Champ fuselage with a Cub wing powered by a Continental C90. It required approximately 400’ to get off the ground and 800’ to land. After many modifications including extended landing gear, large tires, custom flaps, enlarged elevator and rudder, ground up engine rebuild and most notably a custom nitrous system, the aircraft now is capable of taking off it 40’ and landing in 35’. The development, testing and implementation of the nitrous system for a STOL aircraft posed considerable challenge, namely, how to maintain consistent nitrous pressure under extreme temperatures and angles of attack. To overcome this problem, Scott progressed from a simple “dry” nitrous system to a “wet” system with a bottle heater, to a system that uses a nitrogen assisted accumulator. With a fresh coat of paint, it is ready for the Valdez STOL demonstration at Airventure 2015.

As found, before mods
Current state of the vehicle

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