Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pedalusion Nomination

Experimenter: James Tascione
Category: Design/Build/Experimenter
Author: Alaina DeGuire/James Tascione
Argument: James is introducing Pedalusion, a human powered aircraft (HPA) of his own design and build. Pedalusion is being built from the ground up using simple materials available at your local DIY center. The super lightweight design and materials used in building Pedalusion are in tune with low wattage output capacity of a human power plant. Pedalusion's construction consists of a minimal wooden structure with bulk foam for mass. The assembly of Pedalusion is a challenge in so many aspects regarding weight and strength that James is constantly weighing and measuring to remove ounces yet maintain the structural integrity able to carry a man-or woman-into flight under their own power. James' goal for this project is to prove the science of his design and materials for simple, affordable home built aircraft that can be either human powered or with an electric motor. For more information and pics of James and Pedalusion go to his LinkedIn page---


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