Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bugsmasher Poker Run and Flour Bombing Arrival Procedures set for Friday

Hey Guys,

Mojave Tower has worked with us to set up some guidelines for arriving Bugsmasher Poker Run aircraft who would like to participate in the flour bombing event on Friday, April 19. Note that this only applies to flour bombing participants, but if you're planning on arriving the area Friday it couldn't hurt to give it a look.
We will review these procedures during our safety briefing on Friday at noon.

Poker Run participants will most likely be arriving from the North West (from Kern Valley airport), but general event arrival procedures are shown below:

Here's a satellite view of the local area:


Mojave Tower will expect you to proceed towards the Hwy 14/58 Bypass interchange (that's the second freeway interchange you see if coming from the NW) and execute one of our four pre-arranged arrival procedures. They might put you in a holding pattern over one of the freeway interchanges, or send you south to hold over the Golf Course if things get too busy.

Flour Bomb Arrival if Landing Runway 26:

You will most likely be instructed to follow Hwy 58 bypass as it bends south ("Hwy 58 Arrival") and enter the "Sack" traffic pattern. The flour bombing target is located on the northern of the two concrete pads SE of runway 26, and we will use "Sack" for short when describing traffic pattern legs for the flour bomb. Expect to turn "Sack Crosswind" before Rwy 12-30, and "Sack Base" west of Hwy 58. Our hard deck is 100 ft AGL (2900 ft MSL) and tower has asked us not to descend to bombing altitude until within 1 mile of the target. When you're ready to leave the flour bombing pattern and land, advise tower. They will have you make your base leg east of Hwy 58 and turn final for runway 26 parallel to the aircraft on "Sack Final."

If the flour bomb pattern gets busy tower might want you to enter it on a downwind. In this case expect the "Taxiway A Arrival." Proceed directly towards the Rwy 12 numbers at 3800 ft, then follow taxiway A southeast. Don't descend below 3800 ft MSL until south of runway 26.

Flour Bomb Arrival if Landing Runway 8:

When Mojave is landing runway 8, procedures will be the same until you're ready to exit the flour bomb pattern to land. After your last run fly "Sack Crosswind" and "Sack Downwind" and exit on a wide base leg east of Hwy 58, and turn towards the runway 26 numbers while climbing to 3800 ft MSL. Prior to the rwy 26 numbers turn north and join a left downwind for runway 8.

If you must go around, keep in mind that you will be nose to nose with aircraft leaving the flour bomb pattern. Thus climb straight ahead obstacle permitting (the biggest obstacle is the control tower to your right), and when able execute a climbing right turn SE at or before Rwy 12-30. This will keep you outside the "Sack Crosswind" leg.

Flour Bomb Arrival if Landing Runway 12:

When Mojave is landing runway 12, the flour bomb traffic pattern will be same as above. When ready to exit the "Sack Pattern" and land after your last run, make a climbing right turn to 3800 ft MSL and enter a left downwind for runway 12.

Flour Bomb Arrival if Landing Runway 30:

When Mojave is landing runway 30 the flour bomb pattern is re-oriented north/south. When ready to leave the pattern after your last run, make a climbing left turn and enter a right downwind for runway 30. Note that your approach to the DZ will be over numerous rocket test sites used by aerospace companies at the Mojave airport, and use caution for obstructions in the area when descending to your final flour bombing altitude.

In each case, please advise Mojave Tower that you would will be participating in the flour bomb and would like to enter the "Sack Pattern" as early as possible. When turning onto "Sack Final" to commence your bombing run, advise tower whether you will be remaining in the flour bomb pattern for another drop or breaking off to land. If landing, advise if you would like to participate in the spot landing contest.

Thanks for your attention and we're looking forward to a fun and safe event!


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