Thursday, April 16, 2015

Congrats to Lynn Farnsworth and Aerochia

Hey Guys,

After unseasonably cold temperatures and winds gusting to 48 knots, the weather finally calmed enough to get a record attempt in yesterday afternoon.

Congratulations to Andy Chiavetta of Aerochia who prepped Lynn Farnsworth's Race 44 for the time to climb attempt.  The record that was challenged (link) belongs to Wilhelm Heller, who set the record in February of 1984 in Bonn Germany at 3:09.  The new record appears to be (unofficially at this point) 2:02.6.

With calmer winds at SZP, Klaus is due in Mojave this morning.  Should be an awesome couple of days.

Pray for heat.

Airplanes are cool,

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