Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Deperdussin Progress

Hey Guys,

Zach continues to make progress on his Nowleen Aero, Peanut Scale, 13" span Deperdussin Racer.

And it is awesome!

The model is intended for Joseph Arias' "Aviation Slumber Party".  The event is sponsored by The Mojave Air and Spaceport, TNR hobbies, Tehachapi Crosswinds, and Brubaker Models, and feature indoor RC and freeflight funfly and a build/fly competition (rules here).  Register here (link).

Zach was a huge part of the flyin last year setting a closed course speed record in the Catbird by flying for 14 hours nonstop after modifying the airplane extensively for the flight and then testing those mods during the build up to the event (link).  For this effort Zach won the "Best Test 2014" award.

Looks like the model will be awesome, looking forward to seeing it in the air on Friday!


Jospeh Arias nailed it with this flyer

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