Sunday, April 12, 2015

Klaus Update

Hey Guys,

I got this update from Klaus Savier today.  This update pertains to the Delaminator, a O-200 powered Vari-ez that holds several world records.  Klaus plans to attempt several records this week, both with the Delaminator and his second awesome airplane, his O-360 powered LongEZ, the Determinator.

From Klaus:

We ran the Delaminator today and it ran well.

Didn't pick up 300 rpm but the tuning does not come in until way more than static rpm. Should fly it early afternoon tomorrow.

 We decided that we need a little more fuel in the Determinator to be comfortable so we are installing the aux tank. It has never been in the Determinator so it is a bit of work to fasten, wire and plumb. 

And: we did have a massive backfire during start so I know the plenum is strong enough!

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