Monday, April 6, 2015

Mike Patey Update

Hey Guys,

Got this great update from Mike Patey about his totally wild turbine Lancair Legacy project, "Turbulence".

Thank you Mike!  You clearly have too much fun!!


From Mike:

Still going strong. I have finished 6 of the 15 molds for the induction system, plenum, and custom naca scoops are now finished. Cowling main parts are now complete and fitted with carbon hinges. We just sprayed the last clear coat on the interior paint today. Now ready to start assembly on panel and all interior parts. I couldn't find heat and air valves I liked nor the size I wanted so I designed and machined these 4 parts to make my own last night while I had carbon drying in the vacuum box. It was faster then next day air anyway, well at least this time it was. Yesterday we finished the install of new nose gear carbon box and ran all new brake and hydraulic lines. Tonight I'm a bit tired, less then three hours sleep the night before, so I'm going to focus on non critical components and just sand on molds and trimming out parts I just pulled from oven. Oh yea my prop arrived.. I may just sleep in this big box with it. I would have given anything for boxes like this for building forts as a kid.. Wait, wait, who am I kidding, I'm building a fort tonight.

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