Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mike Patey Update

Hey Guys,

I got this update from 2014 Experimenter of the year Mike Patey.  He is working hard to finish his turbine powered Lancair in time to set several records at the 2015 Mojave Experimental Flyin.

Check this thing out!!


From Mike:
This will be a short update I have tons to do today on turbulence. Plane is now ready for my FAA appointment for my inspection for conversion paperwork so we can fly. We have a list down under 75 items left. One of those items is paint the plane between test flights this week. Hope to have first flight and several of my safety and beginning of test flight envelopes on Monday if all goes as planned. So far we have kept really close to our schedule. Today's goal is to finish up a few more molds for the intake system and hopefully have them in the oven tonight. Wiring is at 80% complete now on interior and panel wiring. The engine is 95% complete. I have my new landing lights I designed now working from the panel. I machined housings to hold Aero LED's inside normal inspection panels with machined sockets for 50mm single strand fiber optic cable. I then machined round lenses for the fiber optic cable to sleeve inside and bond I to the leading edges of the wings. This allows me to sand the lenses exactly to the shape of the wing edge. No screws, no lenses tape, no bumps, absolutely a complete zero drag lighting. You don't even notice that there are lights until you turn them on. I did 3 wingtip per side and 3 inboard per side giving me 12 in wing. I also used them for my ice lights for shining on leading edge of wing from fuselage. The overall lbs is slightly less then original lights because you have no light housing frame, bonding, large lenses ect. Well I gotta run, miles to go yet and it's still going to be a miracle if I can even get there at all, however, I have more diet coke and plenty of push left in me, get to work :)

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