Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mike Patey Update

Hey Guys,

I got this update from Mike last night.

Mike Patey is building a Lancair Legacy with a 715 SHP PT6 on the front.  He plans to set several records next week in this airplane.  Last year Mike won the Mojave Flyin's top honor when he took home the 2014 Experimenter of the year trophy.


From Mike:

 It's been a great couple of days and nights. Tons of items and parts completed and off my check list. Two of the fun ones are installed and close to complete on hook up. Even though only part of my wiring is done, there is something about turning on my new panel for the first time. First power on of any of my new panels seems to be more fun then the last. I Can't get enough. My panel includes switches that lower my flirr vision camera and rear cameras that display on the Garmin screens. Its Also been fun to get the prop on. It's a very small fast project but looks like a big step every time. Tons more to fill you in on but clock is ticking and I have a long night ahead of me. Grab some tools, let's get dirty!! Turbulence is waiting.

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