Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One Moment Belly Mod Nomination

Title for the mod: Legacy Belly Mod
Experimenter: Andre Prager
Support from Erik Schmeiser, Michael Turner, Brian Manke, Jackie Fair, Andrew Findlay
Category: Design, Build, Test, Experimenter
Airplane: One Moment Super Legacy Race 30
Dates of the mod: August 2014
Author of nomination: Andrew Findlay

Description of the mod: see below, and video link.
This is a belly mod for the Lancair Legacy to improve airflow direction aft of wing area. Studies were done of the cross sectional area and angle distribution along the fuselage (similar to area rule) and comparisons to the Breathless Race 5 belly mod. From these studies we developed our own shape.

To show the improvements from the belly mod, we used oil flow analysis and tuft testing to show the airflow changes. The reduction in turbulent flow can be seen along the bottom of the fuselage. Further back on the fuselage you can see the flow direction is now towards the aft of the plane and not climbing up the side of the tail.

 The creation process is captured in this video. https://youtu.be/p6p8DOqNUNU

Why this mod should be considered: Andre embodies the true nature of an experimenter. We call him the “Mad Scientist” because he is always creating pieces for the plane and new concepts. He has made many components for the race plane but the belly mod highlights his great skill sets in many areas.

For this mod he used a wide range of tools, including a 3D scanner from Kickstarter, to scan the plane and create a model of the fuselage in Solidworks. After this he used his 3D printer to make models and visualize modifications to the shape. After rescanning the models, he created tool paths for his CNC router to make foam pieces we could apply to the plane. After the pieces were in place, he finished out the wing transition areas by hand.



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