Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rubberband Airplane Competition

Hey Guys,

We posted the rules for the rubberband airplane competition that will be happening on Friday at the slumber party.

The rules are here (link).

The models that are legal for the competition are the Peck Polymers ROG kit airplane, the SIG Parasol, or the Midwest Super Delta Dart.

We have 12 Peck ROGs, and 48 Midwest Super Delta Darts available for the competition.  They will be first come first served.  If you have a favorite model you can bring your own to be sure you get one.  Just show the unopened package to the judges at the door.

This is a really exciting addition to the competition and we'd like to thank TNR Hobbies, Brubaker Models, the Tehachapi Crosswinds, as well as Rob Heap, Mason Hutchison, Eric Brubaker, Jeromy Robbins for all their support.


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