Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rick Poe Makes Homebuilding Look Cool

Rick does his interview with Michael, Harrison, Blake, and Zac while getting some work done on his tailwind.

Making it look good!!


Mike Patey Update

Hey Guys,

Below is the most recent update from Mike Patey.  It looks like there is a lot of work left to do, really looking forward to seeing the plan come together!!

It's going to be awesome!!!


From Mike...
We are still pushing forward full tilt. A few cuts and bruises to remind us we are having fun. I lost half my hair the other day when I needed to cut it all off. I was upside down in the rear aux fuel tank when I slipped and went in head first and buried my head in wet tank coatings. I probably could have got it out with something but I left it in for a while as I finished the next several hours of pressing items. So when I was done it was hopelessly dry. I nearly buzzed all the back my head to get it out. I am checking off a handful of items per day. We are all the way down to 187 items left on my list to complete.. Getting closer every day. Some items left to finish are very simple fast projects like line item 165 is install complete pitot static system and angle off attack. Others, much more time consuming, like line item 130 is design and build molds for carbon fiber bifurcated ducting with inertial particle separator plenum for PT6.. There is not one part I can buy for this. We have the music blasting, giant smiles, and a fridge full of junk food and diet cokes.... Let's get to work !




-Best Design/
- Best Test
- Experimenter of the Year

Nominees: AVA Team  (Regis Alajoinine : Président Fondateur de l’AVA &  AVA benevoles & AVA pilots…?Nominator: Frederic Gasson
Argument:  After fatal accident in 2005,  all CAP 231 & 232 were grounded, AVA with  Regis Alajoinine supported  the modification of the wood  frame with wood-Carbon Process. They  proceed successfully  to this  STC in 2006.
AVA named  those  CAP :  332 SC  and made CAP flying at the hignest level of competition again around the world for 20 years now. 

The CAP 231 EX from the AVA association  that  fly until September 2014 were stopped  & get :


-          New Wing, issued from the famous MXS aerobatic carbon aircraft.

 New Power plant –  360HP ! issued from RedBull air Race plane from Nicolas Ivanoff edge 540 -> new engine cover

 New Landing Gear, mountend on the fuselage and not on the wing any more

Modification of the canopy

 Rudder Modification

All these modifications in 6 month to be ready for world championship training !!

First flight : 25/01/2015
Administration Agreement after flight 40Landings  : 13/02/2015  ( !! )
Paint finished : 17/03/2015 

Pilot  For next summer 2015 World Aerobatic Championship

Simon de la Bretèche
- Alexandre Leboulanger ( N°9 at WAC2011 , N°10 at WAC 2013 texas,  European Advanced Aerobatic Champion) 

- Decoration : Sylvain Mariat (designer) et William Lekin

Klaus Update

Check out these custom carbon parts Klaus just finished building for the Delaminator!!  Four carbon induction runners, and a carbon throttle body!

Klaus is going for up to 5 records in two airplanes during the Mojave Flyin.  Both his Long EZ and Vari-ez will be attempting records.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Makin Metal Update

Hey guys,

I got these over the weekend from Jeff Lange, the airplane, Scott Severson's Makin Metal, is up for a Experimenter of the year nomination (link).

Check it out!!

Mike Patey Update

Hey Guys,

I recieved the update below from Mike Patey over the weekend.  Mike won the "Experimenter of the year" trophy last year and is working hard to bring a new airplane to the event in 2015.  Turbulence is project, a PT6 powered Lancair Legacy.

Check it out,


Hey Elliot

Well it's been a crazy and successful week. This pic is the last of 9 locations i was able to add fuel to turbulence. This was the last tank before I closed it up last night.  My new fuel system has no fuel selectors and I eliminated over twenty feet of lines and 30 fittings in the fuel system. Even though I added 9 fuel locations I was able to make them flow together bay to bay as single complete tanks without connecting lines. This was possible with my new strengthened one piece wing design. There is three tanks, right, left wing and 1 aux tank.  I just finished testing the last tanks and did a total fuel capacity check. I was very happy to see my modifications to trapped fuel areas resulted in less then 3 gallons total unusable fuel between all 3 tanks combined in level flight and  in a 3 degree decent profile when inbound to land it drops to 1.5 gallons unusable between all tanks combined. That's much less then original tanks while increasing fuel from 60 gallons usable to 160 gallons while keeping within CG limits.

     My fuel selectors I eliminated while still maintaining  three separate tanks. The engine draws evenly from both wings and auto fills and auto balances from the aux tank or wing to wing electronically. It is a fully redundant pump system upgraded from designs I like and modified from large jets and single engine turboprops like the pillatus PC12. I also tested my no fuel spill venting design. Working perfect. Many planes, including the legacy,  vents fuel overboard during steep climbs, uncoordinated turns, or hot day fuel expansion spills while parked on the ramp.  This now vents to an expansion area tank that returns all fuel directly into the system.

     This week We also cut out all interior frames, arm rests, side panels, center section, throttle quadrant and traditional avionics panel frame. We then installed, and now almost complete with a modified star flight design. We are almost finished making new molds and adjustment for the larger turboprop throttle quadrant and now ready to install. 

     The biggest job this week that kept the all night oil burning was the upper and lower cowling molds. It was a continuous non stop job that was only left alone for other projects while waiting for layers and bonding to dry for next layer. Very very close to being done now. I'll send pics of the new cowlings when complete. I have made up one of my two days behind my calendar goals so it's looking like there still holds a small chance I will make it. Wish me luck as we look forward, skipping nothing, taking no shortcuts,  focused and charging on.

Mike Patey

Cathy's Flyer

Thank you Cathy for pulling together this awesome flyer!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rick Poe and DBT

Check out this photo Zac from the DBT crew posted last weekend while on location in Mojave.  Rick Poe gets artsy with his tailwind during the magic hour.

A photo posted by Zac Adams (@zzzzzzzzzac) on

Race Gas Has Arrived

3km Low Altitude Speed Waivers Are Here!

Hey Guys,

Sean drove up from the FSDO to personally deliver the altitude/speed waivers for the 3km attempts.

Get ready for the awesome!!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nitrous STOL "Makin Metal" Nomination

Title: Nitrous STOL Modifications
Experimenter: Scott Severson
Category: Design/Build/Test
Aircraft: Flatlander STOL “Makin Metal”
Author: Jeff Lange

 Argument: Scott began his STOL project with basic airframe that was essentially a Champ fuselage with a Cub wing powered by a Continental C90. It required approximately 400’ to get off the ground and 800’ to land. After many modifications including extended landing gear, large tires, custom flaps, enlarged elevator and rudder, ground up engine rebuild and most notably a custom nitrous system, the aircraft now is capable of taking off it 40’ and landing in 35’. The development, testing and implementation of the nitrous system for a STOL aircraft posed considerable challenge, namely, how to maintain consistent nitrous pressure under extreme temperatures and angles of attack. To overcome this problem, Scott progressed from a simple “dry” nitrous system to a “wet” system with a bottle heater, to a system that uses a nitrogen assisted accumulator. With a fresh coat of paint, it is ready for the Valdez STOL demonstration at Airventure 2015.

As found, before mods
Current state of the vehicle

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jay Jones Update

Hey Guys,

Check out all the progress Jay Jones (2015 Nomination) has made on his IF1 pylon racer Quadnickel race 45.

He has sure been busy!!

Good luck at Tunisia (link) Jay!!


Paint the plane winners

Hey Guys,

Mike Patey just announced the winners to the "Paint The Plane" contest.

Congrats to Mike and the contest winners we are excited to see the airplane haul the mail here in a couple weeks!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Records Week Extension

Hey Guys,

I am excited to announce that the records week has been extended to make room for all the scheduled record attempts.

 Brian Utley has asked that record setters are ready to run first thing Tuesday (4/14/15) morning.

Get your head right, this is going to be awesome!!

 Elliot Seguin

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mike Patey Update

Hey guys,

I got this update last night from Mike Patey on the turbine powered Lancair Legacy he is working so hard to get to the Flyin to set some records.

Check it out!!


Engine is back on to stay. Now to build a one off cowling... None out there so we start like this, blue tape, three cases of foam and roles of carbon. My prop is a week away so I couldn't wait and made my own prop spinner place holder to build my cowling against. I'm using an MT five blade to capture these little ponies. MT was kind enough to send me the actual CAD file pic specs of the prop and spinner so I could keep this on fast track with this Alluminum disk I made. I ran out of bandaids long ago so we now make cowlings, engine mounts, and daily first aid repairs with tape and super glue. Working well so far and saves a trip away from the hanger for silly stitches :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Design Build Test Trailer is posted!

DESIGN BUILD TEST Trailer from Design Build Test on Vimeo.

Hey Guys,

A big thank you to the team at Design Build Test.  After an intense month of shooting and editing they have put together this trailer for the documentary they are working on for the flyin.  We are really excited by the work and look forward to seeing the finished product.

Thank you Michael, Zac, Harrison, Henry, Blake and Jeff!!

Airplanes are cool,

Flour Bombing, Poker Run, and an RC/Freeflight Fun Fly

Hey Guys,

I am super pumped to announce this years addition to the Mojave Flyin.

Joseph Arias is responsible for these awesome additions to the flyin!  He is awesome and you should give him a hug the next time you see him.  Also a big thank you to Mason Hutchison, Rob Heap, Eric Brubaker.

Bug Smasher Poker Run/Flour Bomb
Starting midday on Friday the 17th there will be a cross country race culminating with FAA waivered flour bombing here in Mojave.  The run will take a couple hours in your friendly Cessna 150 and is sponsored by Recover Your Cub (link), Tehachapi's aircraft rental hotspot.

Aviation Slumber Party at the Stu Witt Center
After the Poker run there will be a pizza/movie night in the Stu Witt Center in Mojave.  Complete with aviation themed movies (open to suggestions) and RC/Freeflight fun fly in the hottest sport for indoor flying in Mojave. This event is sponsored by The Tehachapi Crosswinds, Brubaker Models and will include indoor free-flight build and competition, and indoor RC flying.   The event center is a large Quonset-style building with a smooth floor for rise-off-ground or hand launch model. The air handling system will be off so the air will be calm. Small, electric models as well as free-flight models are encouraged to attend. If you’re interested, table-building of rubber-powered models will be happening with a duration competition later. Tehachapi Crosswinds is an RC club that encourages model aircraft of all kinds to be flown at our field in Tehachapi, CA and nearby indoor facilities.   

Mike Patey Update 3-15-15

Hey Guys,

I got this update from 2014 Experimenter of the year, Mike Patey, yesterday.

Don't forget to get your submissions in for his "Paint The Plane" contest (link).

Airplanes are cool,

  • Fuel system complete, flushed, pressure tested, flow test done.
  • Nose gear completed with new gear pod complete. Hooking up last line for gear.
  • Motor mount back from powder coating and mounted for permanent engine install and hook up. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bonhomme Redbull Wing/Body Fillet Nomination

Title: Paul Bonhomme 540 Modification
Category: Best Design/Experimenter of the Year
Nominees: 2015 Red Bull Mod Team (Paulo Iscold, Wade Hammond, Paul Bonhomme, UFMG students, Eric Stewart)
Nominator: Eric Stewart

Argument:  Following a third place overall finish in the 2014 Red Bull Air Race competition, Team Bonhomme decided it was time to up the ante and effect an overall mod package on Paul Bonhomme’s Edge540. During a very short off-season in which much of the design and fabrication work was done in Brazil while the airplane was shipped from Austria to Craig Catto’s shop in Jackson CA for final assembly, the RB mod team instituted a large number of performance enhancements including improved data acquisition and simulation software/hardware, an entirely new wind-tunnel tested cowl and belly panel with integrated cooling systems, and other smaller modifications. The overall effect has improved aerodynamic efficiency and reduced overall aircraft weight. Bonhomme won the first race of the 2015 Red Bull air race season, with consistently faster times than his competition.